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How to Enable 3rd Party Cookies on different web browsers


How to enable 3rd party cookies on different web browsers

If you have any knowledge about computers or work online on a day-to-day basis, you will be aware of web cookies. These are much different to the cookies we eat with tea or milk. Web cookies are in fact small files that contain super amounts of information stored inside them. There are also two basic categories of cookies which we will talk about later in the article ahead. But let’s first start with one important thing – you can enable third party cookies on your web browser to allow your system to establish a stronger connection with any website you visit. For all people who wonder how to enable 3rd party cookies on various web browsers – you have arrived at the right place. We are about to tell you simple steps to enable cookies on your browser (whichever one you might be using). To disable the cookies, you can follow the same step that is discussed below but in reverse order.

Distinction between first-party and third-party cookies

In order to understand how to enable 3rd party cookies on your respective web browser, it is first important to understand how the two basic types of web cookies differ from one another.

  • First-party cookies – These are automatically created by the web server as soon as any new user visits their website. These are not manually controllable by the users. The user’s web address is used to identify them.
  • Third-party cookies – Third-party cookies are only created when users allow websites to access their personal information. This is why users have the liberty to decide when to turn them on or off. Third-party cookies enabled help to establish secure connections between websites and web users.

Enabling cookies on web browsers

There are several web browsers that are all popular in their own accord and used by users. Every individual has a personal preference and this is why two people inside the same house might use different browsers. So let’s take a look at how to enable cookies for various web browsers.

Note: It is important to remember that you can enable cookies for ALL websites or for specific ones as well.

Windows Microsoft Explorer

  1. Click on the tool options on far left corner on top
  2. Choose internet options and then privacy
  3. Click on advanced
  4. Enable third party web cookies and allow changes


  1. Open browser and select ‘tools’
  2. On the privacy menu, you can relocate cookies
  3. Firefox gives you two options
  4. Enable cookies permanently
  5. You can enable cookies for a specific time period

Google Chrome

  1. Chrome is different as it has spanner icon on the right top side of the window
  2. Click on this icon to choose options
  3. Select under the hood and enable cookies for the browser
  4. Re-launch browser to apply settings


  1. iOS and Mac users can enable cookies on Safari
  2. Open safari and choose preference
  3. Click on security tab
  4. Accept cookies and allow for changes on system



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