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How to Reset iphone 5 | How to Factory Reset

  • How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset iPhone 5

How to Reset iphone 5
Have you ever imagined being a cell phone technician, Being an HP technician simply can not be done by everyone, considering the need to have special skills and hobbies to Electronics.

But did you know there is a lot of work technicians can be done by the General despite never learn to improve both HP Self-taught and through the path of education courses.

Good job I would divulge it, not a bit of Hp engineers use this way an easy way to Fix Problems / Problem Software that is known by the term Factory Reset / Hard Reset. As examples we’ll take one Model namely Iphone 5, where cases that we face is that hangs and Slow. So do not rush Take action to improve to Counter / Service Center. Iphone 5 when you experience interference problems below:

Hang – Hp stuk stop working on a particular position
Slow – Hp performance slowly declining resulting effect is usually caused by his disability application or maybe too many applications that are installed so that there is no space in This RAM memory.
Applications can not be in the Close / shut down.
If we run into problems on the iPhone in a way let Fix Perform Factory Reset. Her aim is to return to the Home Setting Hp and Emptying the entire data enable HP back Fresh without There flawed application.

Step Soft Reset Iphone 5

The first thing that should be done is He Trying to cause a problem Analyzing the causes of the disorder is, before performing a hard reset do first SOFT RESET.

Soft Reset itself aims to Force HP has restarted at a time when Hp Hang, applications can not be closed so that blocking the function of the use of Hp in this way will not erase and restore settings HP to the factory but with this we can know whether Hp experiencing mild impairment or indeed should be in reset in total.

Press and Hold the Home button plus the Power / Sleep mode until about 10 seconds until the HP did Restar and Reappears Logo Apple Iphone hallmark.
You may release the buttons are if it restarts.
Wait until the process is restarted / Reboot finish mark in the appearance of the Home menu [Home] Next try Use / Retest function Hp whether the Soft Reset HP back Normal ??.
If you’ve Means Alhamdulilah because no damage Software serious that only a small BUG. and still appears normal.
Check whether the storage condition is still plenty of space available, delete some data To avoid a similar thing happened.
If the Soft Reset HP still Hang error Try performing the Factory Reset below.
Step Factory Reset /How to Reset iphone 5
There are 2 steps and how to perform a factory reset on the Iphone 5, if previously with softreset you can use and enter the menu but still sometimes occur Hang doing things below.

Anything that will be in Reset

Reset Network Settings
Setting Reset Keyboard Dictionary
Reset display includes COMPOSITION screen and Applications
Reset location and Privacy Settings

1. Factory Reset Using the Menu

How to Reset iphone 5 | How to Factory Reset
Open the menu Settings »General» Reset »Erase iPhone Enter Lock Code Telephone if in Minta.
Furthermore Iphone 5 will reset In total, the data will be lost for the application And please do backup It First Or Save all your data to iCloud.

2. Factory Reset With Itunes

The first step that should be done is to Unlock App Itunes if not mengisntallnya please download Itunes first, if you’ve installed Make sure you use the latest version of Itunes, Checks by Tab Menu Itunes »Check For Updates.
Furthermore Device Connect iPhone 5 to computer using a USB default, then click ‘Backup NOW’ Now this is the backup menu to backup first All data including applications and the HP Photo Gallery.

After Backup Completed Click again Menu ‘Restore Iphone’ Confirm the Popup alert out by selecting YES or Agree Wait until the process is finished.
Restore Iphone 5
Furthermore, HP will Restar and Initial Setup Request.
If you do a backup before and want to restore the backup please choose one of first instance iTunes or iCloud Backup to be returned into the HP.

Note: Make sure all the data already in the backup Because data loss is important is not our responsibility.

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