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How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac | How to Screenshot on Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac | How to Screenshot on Mac

How to Get (A) Fabulous Screenshots on Mac Faster

Want to take screenshot of your screen (MAC user) but unable to find “print screen key”? Taking screen shot is very useful feature of any OS (Operating System) and can’t be ignored in device. If you are an old MAC user and missing “print screen key”, no need to worry now. Apple has introduced a new option for taking screen shot and gets rid of “print screen key” completely.

More options are available on MAC to grab your screen as compared to Windows. Most of the times you need screen shot of selected area i.e. sending PayPal payment proof to hosting provider etc. But it is possible to take screen shot of any window, entire screen, selected page, menu or touch bar. Below are the step by step instructions to capture your screens without installation any 3rd party software.

Grab entire MAC screen

Here is the best way to capture entire screen easily using MAC built in utility. MAC provide 3 keys combination to take screenshot.

  • Hold down Cmd(famous Command key) ,Shift and 3(Numeric keys)
  • Entire Screen in .PNG format will be saved to your desktop(You can change location and file format easily and will be discussed later in this tutorial)

Clipping a Selected Portion of MAC Screen

You want to save or send selected area and not interested in entire screen capturing. Most likely you want to show someone an interested thing, payment proof or error you are facing on your device. You can find steps below to grab selected area of your choice.
Here we are sharing easy to follow method to take screenshot of selected area of screen. We will again use our famous 3 keys combination. But this time last one key is not the same as shared above.
1. Hold down CMD (also known as apple key), SHIFT and press 4(numeric key)
2. Cursor changed to Crosshair. Now move, Crosshair across you desired area to capture.
3. Screen shot in PNG format can be located on desktop.
By default mac provide a .PNG format of screenshot and location of screenshot is by default desktop. But it is easy to change screenshot format and default storage location.

Screenshot to Clipboard Method

If you don’t need to save your screenshot on desktop, instead want to send to clipboard. Just add “Control (CTRL)” to the key combination listed above. For example we mention above

  • Hold down Cmd(famous Command key) ,Shift and 3(Numeric keys) to grab entire screen.
  • Now add extra key “control (ctrl)” to this combination. So the key combination will become Ctrl+CMD+shift+3.
  • The image will be saved to clipboard for use in other Apps. You can use the exact same method of adding ctrl key to the 2nd combination.

Timed screenshots Method

Try the Grab application if you want to do something advance which can be found under Utilities (Hint: Application folder).This option is useful for taking time bound screenshot of full screen or selected area totally depend on your need.

Empty or blank Screen shot problem

If you have carefully followed my instruction listed above and screenshot come out blank or empty. The reason is simple. Some software has disabled screen capturing functionality. This problem is caused by some apps or players to protect copyrights. To get around this problem, you can use third party screenshot grabber software. Alternatively you can change the app/software not letting you capture screenshot.

Don’t like screen capture image format

Open screenshot with any editing software like Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop installed on your system use default preview or safari to edit your image and save as jpg or jpeg format. PNG is widely used format because it has transparent background and can be overlaid on any other image easily.
Remember after taking screen shot, the file will not open automatically.MAC OS save the screenshot on desktop by default. You can use “finder” if you are unable to find it. If you face any problem, feel free to comment below and I will reach to you as soon as I can. Don’t forget to share, tweet and bookmark if you find my tutorial beneficial. I will share more tech related tutorial in coming days.

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